Welcome to the all-new Divespy!

I hope you will enjoy the site as much as we enjoy building it. Here I'll explain a little about our team, and about my mission to discover all the water sports.

European folks in the tropical paradise

Divespy's story goes back to a few years ago, when Viktor came back from his holidays in Thailand. He told us stories about his discoveries, and we learned about those European guys who started a new life as dive instructors in the tropical paradise. We caught ourselves dreaming about a brand new lifestyle: waking up with the sun, and changing our desks to the ocean waves.

Because the sea is just fantastic. The ocean breeze, the underwater silence and the yet undiscovered forces of nature keep leaving me speechless. Being waterside makes me feel small and huge at the same time: small compared to nature, but huge, for winning a fight with fear.

The nature of fear

It was a long time ago when, as part of primary education, the entire class went to the swimming pool once a week, for two semesters. All my fellow students between 9 and 10 years old learned how to swim and how to enjoy the water: playing water polo in the pool, diving to a few meters, going crazy with the jump board.

In the meanwhile, I learned how freaking cold the water in the practise pool was, and watched my lips turn purple.

Regardless of my fear, every body of water made me astonished. I made sure to always move right next to a river or lake, and jog along the ships and sea birds. I got more and more confident, and one summer vacation in Tunisia, jumping into the hotel pool fairly drunk, I realised that my feet wouldn't touch the ground. I escaped in panic, and the next day I asked a friend to teach me swim better. The next summer I was already outside for hours in the open sea near Crete, and decided that I will make up for the lost water years.

Divespy rose from this ground: being close to what makes me frightened the most - and keep learning with all the brave ones out there. You, awesome people.

CEO of Divespy

We are building Divespy

Luckily, not everyone in the team is as lame as I am when it comes to sport spirit.

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